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About Code 230

More than a simple Mobile App, Code230© helps build a strong community for the MTN VAS CLOUD subscribers. Many interactive and social community features make this App a great engine to discover, explore, know more, subscribe, unsubscribe, share with friends on all known social networks and OTTs, invite your contacts in your Phone via SMS or over social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., comment on projects, ask questions, share tips, discuss with Operator's customer care Teams, and do much more.
Multilingual as supporting English, French and Arabic, Code230© is all Android phones and devices responsive.

Key Features

  • Browse Mobile VAS projects per Operator ;
  • Browse all the projects per Country side Operator
  • Browse featured projects (Mobile VAS) per Operator
  • See projects name, subscription code, details, subscription cost per day, per week and per month;
  • Subscribe or Unsubscribe;
  • Enjoy community features;
  • Invite friends in your phone contact list via SMS;
  • Share with friends on social Networks like Facebook, Twiter, Google+, etc.
  • Invite other user of the App to be friends
  • Send private or public Messages;
  • Send message per project;
  • Share tips, ask questions, raise complaints, contact Operator customer care, etc.
  • Login with Facebook or your email;
  • And much more...

Just sign up, invite friends to join and let’s start this great journey on Code 230.